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First Disclaimer: This story is entertainment and education. This article is not financial advice.

Second Disclaimer: This article is for Hoge Noobs and OG’s so I apologize if some of the information is redundant to some, but I want to spread the good word of Hoge to all. I am an ETH HOGE holder so there isn’t any coverage of the BSC side.

Third Disclaimer: The first disclaimer can suck it.

Fourth Disclaimer: This article may have typos. I was too hyped to get it out today.

TLDR: HOGE is the shit. Funny story up top. Hoge knowledge begins after the Joker meme.

February 13th I was out to eat with the wind beneath my wings when my bottom bitch started a new group text. The Dog was texting the boys about this new crypto. He claimed he saw it on Tik Tok but it was probably Patreon. They say there aren’t any good four letter words, except for this one- HOGE. I pulled the coin up on Dextools and was shocked to see how low the price was compared to Doge. It would be my second crypto purchase ever and the degenerate ape in me said “run it.” And so I bought in for around a hundred bucks.

Hoge actually only launched a week prior on February 7th (the day the world changed forever). Thanks to Etherscan I am able to say that my first Hoge purchase was less than 25 Million Hoge and I paid less than $100 for it (exact figures changed to protect the identity of witnesses and snitches) That initial investment, 241 days later is worth over $10,000 (why oh why didn’t I buy more? Oh wait, I did). I would go on to triple my initial investment, some the damn day as the initial purchase, and some during the following juicy dips. Me and the boys just had a feeling about this one. There’s plenty of reasons why, but something just felt different about this investment. I could feel it in my bones.

And then it happened- March 15th. HOGE hit its all time high of $0.0009634. I was sitting on $40,000 in HOGE. We were flying high and refused to sell any. The only debit to my bag was the few million I sent to my brother. I told him how MetaMask and UniSwap work and told him one thing- “Sell this shit when it’s worth a million dollars.” I would go on to show a few other interested parties how to acquire the Holy Grail of crypto. We were all flying high. HOGE would dip after that peak and recover in April. We were all planning on how we would spend our gains when we reached $0.001 and $0.005 and at that magnificent bastard pinnacle of a penny. And then the market bottomed out in May.

We were torn. Devastated. Down. But not out. Friends and family were telling me to cash out and take my profits. “Don’t be foolish they said.” But they didn’t know what I know. They didn’t know that HOGE is the one. The one that would change the game forever.

As I’m writing this article my bag is back to high marks and we are creeping ever so close to that all time high and HOGE reached it’s goal of $530,000 in donations to pay for a Top 5 Global Exchange listing. We’re hoping to hear which one it is soon. S keep the faith, ignore the FUD, and get ready for launch. And remember, #HOGEeverywhere.

So what is Hoge Finance (HOGE)? HOGE is an ERC20 token (WTF does that mean? ERC20 are tokens built on the Ethereum Blockchain (well WTF is that? Think of it as a network). It has a 2% tax on every transaction. Half of that tax is transferred back to wallet holders. The other half of the tax is burned forever. [Say it again in English please] You get rewarded for holding, and goosed for selling. This makes HOGE a deflationary cryptocurrency (the supply dwindles with every transaction, inevitably aiding in increasing the price. There’s not BS team wallet so the developers had to pay for their tokens just like the rest of the community (read degenerate apes).

Unlike HOGE’s meme coin ancestor, DOGE, there will never be more supply of HOGE in circulation than there is right now…now…now…you get the picture. The supply is always constricting and there is no revenue structure built into the contract (Hi there Safemoon). And everyone who works on the project works for free. By simply writing this article, I am technically a dev. We are all devs. It is truly a crypto by the people, for the people (FUBU was taken).

The initial supply was 1,000,000,000,000 and today it is about 403,797,594,226. What also makes HOGE unique is that there are no whales. No single, non-exchange wallet holds greater than 1% of the total supply. To even come close you would need to purchase about 7 BILLION coins (approximately $4.9 million). No one single person can screw the rest of us like Vitalek did with SHIB back in May. Hoge also helped popularize meme coins getting auditted by Certik. Basically if a coin passes an audit by these wonderful people, you’re golden. More details can be found here.

HOGE also mints NFTs, has sports team sponsorships, is working on a game, an educational program called HOGE University, and a damn satellite program. Not like an off-shoot satellite campus, but an actually in-space contraption. All of these programs are wonder and worthy of another article, but I want to end by focusing on something that HOGE did before any other coin. In May a Swiss verein (English- association) non-profit DAO hybrid was created to enact community approved actions for the token also to sign contracts and business agreements going forward with Centralized Exchanges. Basically, there is a formal organized structure to HOGE, but it is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It’s basically a way to have a business on the blockchain without having conventional officers, board of directors, etc. In plain English- It is a way of organizing to get shit done without allowing for hostile takeovers or other corporate espionage.

HOGE has completed the first private sale from the donation wallet. A big concern from the community was that the price would fall after the funds were moved from the wallet. However, the price has only gone up since. We’re 66,000 HOGLERS strong with a market cap of $277,000,000. Pack your bags, tell your friends, and enjoy the show.

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