My Crypto Origin Story


Disclaimer: The following content is for entertainment. Not financial advice. Do your own research. We like the memes.

Like many people in this past Winter I was trapped in the house and going bored out of my mind. I don’t care what anyone says, you can only play so much COD with the squad before you’re ready to lose your mind. And then it happened…I opened a Robinhood account (back before they became the bad guy #APES). I wasn’t doing anything crazy but sure- I invested my stimmy like everybody else. And then I started talking to friends more about investing. As a child I was told to never discuss finances with others. I’ll tell you how much of a handicap that “social best practice” proved to be another time.

So here I am in January- new personal investor. I had some exposure from my 401ks and previous jobs but I was far from a savvy player. And then it happened- Somebody introduced me to WallStreetBets. It was like walking the Vegas Strip for the first time. The bright lights and attractive sounds were overpowering. Soon I’m purchasing AMC, getting NAKD, pinging bros on BB messenger, and getting high on the TLRY supply. I was caught up and chasing the gainz dragon. It was a new hobby that was more addictive than online poker, COD, and fantasy football combined.

I was living in this new hobby bubble and everything was going fine. I didn’t need anything else in my life. But then (and then?) I noticed this tab on the app. It was glowing with this bright, entrancing allure- like the Northern Lights. The temptation was too strong. Fight as I could, I couldn’t resist knowing what was behind that door- “Crypto.” So I texted the Dog:

Fool: Have you heard of Dogecoin?

Dog: Ya. I have some. Why?

Fool: I keep seeing these memes on Reddit. Do you really think it can hit a penny? (Oh, if we only knew)

Dog: Anything is possible. It’s getting some traction.

Fool: I’m going to APE in and see what happens

*End Scene*

Long story boring- I cashed out way too early. I made some small gains, but now I’m in to other meme coins, DeFi, Altcoins, and the granddaddy of them all- Bitcoin. I intend for this blog to cover all of the above in the form of edutainment. I’ll be covering past events of 2021, the coming Alt Season and the subsequent meme pumps. I am excited to discuss the journey, help entertain and educate other crypto newbs, and spread the good word of Satoshi.

-The Fool




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